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About Lombok Vacation

Liburan seru ke Lombok dengan harga ekonomis kualitas tinggi Lihat semua pos milik Lombok Vacation

7 responses to “#LombokVacation

  • Novinerliana

    pokoknya seruuuuuuuuuuuu…….
    gausah byk tanya, nikmatin aja setiap jengkalnya. hahaha…

  • jenny

    ntar2 nya ada lagi ga??? ga bs ey tanggal segitu 😦

  • tere

    we chose LombokVacation to arrange our holiday in Lombok in January. overall we really enjoyed the whole trip. they took us to so many different and interesting places from mountain, waterfall to stunning spots for snorkelling. we also enjoyed visit to local Sasak village and learnt their daily life. two thumbs up for Yudi from LombokVacation for showing us the real gem of the island! keep up the great work ^_^

    Tere (Jkt) and Sita (NZ)

  • Mario Patrick

    Miss you guys! I am LV1 Alumni, and started to fell in love with Lombok ever since!
    Good service at the lowest budget! highly recommended for a semi-backpacking trip to be remembered forever!

    Most memorable moments: discover beautiful beaches and made new friends. Don’t worry to travel alone, since you are going to have new friends during the trip 🙂

  • titin

    yang dari Jakarta ada ga?

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